Congrats! You’re traveling to Kauai with a teenager… planning an entertaining agenda can be tough, but not on Kauai. There are so many amazing, teen-friendly adventures to embark on. Here’s what I recommend:

1. Take your teen to watch a North Shore sunset.

There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset from Hanalei Pier or Ke’e Beach. Your teen can capture the perfect Snapchat (#nofilterneeded) or simply enjoy the array of colors Kauai’s sunsets provide. Depending on what time of year you’re visiting, sunset times vary. Pack a picnic and plan to arrive at your destination at least twenty minutes before sunset. Parking on the North Shore is usually limited, so plan to leave a few minutes early.

2. Buy them some “ono” shave ice.

Shave ice on Kauai is to die for. Teenagers will love these cold, sweet treats, especially in Kauai’s warm weather. The best shave-ice places on Kauai use fresh and (mostly) local fruit to make their shave-ice colorful masterpieces. Bring your teen to Wailua Shave Ice (in Kapaa) or Uncle’s Shave Ice (in Lihue and Poipu), and they won’t be disappointed.

3. Go on a helicopter tour… doors off!

Kauai is truly an island to be seen from a bird’s-eye view. Book you and your teen on a doors-off tour for a thrill they will never forget. For one amazing hour, they will get to experience the entirety of Kauai’s stunning landscape from above.

4. Hike the Mahalepu Trail.

This two-mile ocean-side trail is a gem that all ages can enjoy. Located on Kauai’s South Shore, the Mahalepu Heritage Trail takes you along unique limestone formations and “rocky inlets”. This hike is short but sweet- the perfect length for a teen who wants to experience Kauai’s beauty, but not necessarily go on a lengthy journey to do so.

5. Learn to surf.

Learning to surf is something your teen(s) will be telling their friends about for months. If you visit Kauai during late summertime (August-September), the surf is the perfect learning size. Kauai has many different “surf schools” that will give your teen a fun and safe surfing experience.

6. Shop around in Hanalei Town.

Hanalei Town, on the North Shore of Kauai, is full of adorable little shops and surf stores. There are also a handful of yummy cafes and restaurants. Whether your teen is more into finding a cool pair of surf shorts, or the perfect pair of handmade shell earrings, Hanalei Town has it all.

7. Go on a zipline tour.

Talk about an adrenaline rush! Kauai boasts some of the state’s longest zip lines, over tropical forests and lush valleys. These tours are teen-friendly and will provide tons of Instagram-worthy photo-ops. This is the ultimate adventure for your teen; zip lining on Kauai is seriously a blast.