Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain, and has some of the most unique geographical, natural beauty of any island on earth. Aside from the being the wettest place on earth – with an average annual rainfall of 440 inches (over 36.5 feet) – the 553 square mile island of Kauai is complete with deserts, rainforests, beaches, swamps, and mountains.

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Among this diverse landscape, you will find everything from caves to waterfalls, from steep canyons to river valleys, and an endless list of things to do and discover. And among this diverse geography, the micro-ecosystems you can find at least 145 endangered species of plants, and a dozen endangered exotic birds, some of which exist nowhere else but on Kauai.

With over 100 Kauai hotels, resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, and Eco-friendly campgrounds, there is no lack of accommodations for travelers with any size budget. The weather on Kauai ranges from the low 60s to the high 80s, with slight seasonal fluctuations.

Late August through September is the hottest time of the year, with an average high of 85°. January is the coolest season with average highs of 78°, so you’ll find there is no real “off” season for nearly ideal travel weather. And though it is the wettest place on earth (when considering the amount of water that falls), it does not rain all day, every day across the entire island. So, don’t worry – the rain will not ruin your Kauai vacation!

There is a wide choice of restaurants on Kauai, so hunger won’t interfere with your island experience either. And with over 50 miles of sandy beaches – more beaches per coastline mile than any other island within the Hawaiian chain – with an average water temperature of 73°- 80°, and with over 120 miles of designated hiking trails, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to work up an appetite.

Kauai also has a rich cultural history supported by and infused with a strong and talented artistic community. There are over 20 art galleries, and many more art events and festivals held year-round, in addition to the hundreds of established shopping markets, plazas, specialty craft shops, and boutiques.

There are also historic plantations, dozens of world-renowned spas, and 12 world-class golf courses. With all Kauai has to offer, you’ll find Garden Island one of the most geographically diverse and spectacular islands on earth, offering hundreds of things for people of all interests, ages, budgets, and activity levels. There is something for everyone to do and enjoy here while exploring this island paradise. Welcome to the garden island of Kauai.

Enjoy your stay.