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Drive Times & Distances

  • From Lihue To:
  • Kapaa 11 miles 20 min
  • Princeville 31 miles 51 min
  • Hanalei 32 miles 50 min
  • Poipu 13 miles 25 min
  • Port Allen 20 miles 35 min
  • Waimea 25 miles 52 min
  • Kokee State Park 40 miles 1 hr 30 min
  • From Princeville To:
  • Kapaa 23 miles 36 min
  • Lihue 31 miles 51 min
  • Poipu 40 miles 1 hr 25 min
  • Port Allen 47 miles 1 hr 35 min
  • Waimea 52 miles 1 hr 45 min
  • Kokee State Park 67 miles 2 hr 20 min
  • Haena 12 miles 30 min
  • From Poipu To:
  • Lihue 40 miles 51 min
  • Kapaa 23 miles 49 min
  • Princevillle 40 miles 1 hr 25 min
  • Hanalei 45 miles 1 hr 35 min
  • Port Allen 14 miles 30min
  • Waimea 18 miles 38 min
  • Kokee State Park 34 miles 1 hr 20 min
  • From Kapaa To:
  • Princeville 23 miles 36 min
  • Hanalei 26 miles 1 hr
  • Lihue 11 miles 20 min
  • Poipu 23 miles 49 min
  • Port Allen 30 miles 1 hr 5 min
  • Waimea 35 miles 1 hr 15 min
  • Kokee State Park 50 miles 2 hr 20 min

Hwy Cheat Sheet (nicknames)

  • Hwy 50 Kaumuali`i Hwy
  • Hwy 51 Kapule Hwy
  • Hwy 56 Kuhio Hwy
  • Hwy 58 Nawiliwili Road
  • Hwy 529 Maluhia Road ( Tunnel Of Trees)
  • Hwy 530 Koloa Road
  • Hwy 540 Halewili Rd
  • Hwy 550 Waimea Canyon Drive
  • Hwy 552 Kokee Road
  • Hwy 560 Kuhio Hwy ( continuation of Hwy 56)
  • Hwy 570 Ahukini Road
  • Hwy 580 Kuamo`o
  • Hwy 581 Kamalu Road – Olohena Road
  • Hwy 583 Ma`alo Road

Tips for the Road

Remember you are on vacation and driving on Kauai is not like driving on the mainland. Our roadways for the most part are two lanes with little or no shoulder.  Please use caution and be respectful of pedestrians and bicyclists.  Kauai is a small island community. Locals tend to be a little more relaxed and casual.  It is our custom to show aloha including on the roads. It may be a small gesture of letting others in line ahead of us or slowing down to allow a waiting car onto the roadways. Honking is usually used only for warning of hazards or danger, not to tell someone to hurry up

  • Traffic and Slowdowns Like anywhere, Kauai experiences our share of traffic due to road construction, accidents, weather, and just normal pau hana (after-work) traffic. If you are driving and need to know what is happening on the roads, tune into Kong Radio. Traffic updates and advisories are announced as needed on 93.5 FM and AM 570. Kappa traffic can be avoided by using the alternate bypass roads. Show aloha and please don’t display anger on our roads. Take a deep breath and relax on your vacation. Remember to drive slowly and enjoy Kauai and all the beautiful attractions and views Kauai has to offer.
  • One-lane bridges are mostly found on the north shore of the island from Hanalei to Haena. There are several one-lane bridges you will need to cross
  • The local protocol is to proceed across the bridges 5-7 cars at a time. Priority is given to vehicles that arrive at the yield first. Do not stop in the middle of the bridges and if a train of more than 7 cars is crossing, yield and let the waiting cars through.
  • Seat Belt and Booster Laws Hawaii law requires the use of a seat belt for all passengers, children till the age of eight or 80 lbs. are required to be in a child safety seat or booster.

    Cell Phones While Driving Cell phone usage without a hands-free device is prohibited.

  • The island is circular with one main road connecting the North Shore and West Side of the island. You cannot drive completely around the island, the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast makes that impossible. Drive through quaint coastal towns and rural upcountry neighborhoods while exploring Kauai. When on vacation add to the fun by renting a convertible, exotic rental, or 4wd Jeep or really be adventurous with a Harley Davidson rental and go home with a story. Keep Kauai Green by renting a bike or taking the Kauai Bus. Every bit counts, especially on an island.