Kauai FAQ’s

Do I need to Rent a Car?

YES! If you want the freedom to explore the island and venture farther than your resort or vacation home, a car is necessary to for the independent traveler.

No, if you are not interested in driving and want to stay close to your resort or vacation property. You can hire a taxi, take the Kauai bus or book a guided driving tour to mix it up.

Is Kauai Safe?

Kauai is a safe place to travel and has relatively low crime, but it is always smart to take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings.

Always swim and hike with a buddy. Obey lifeguard rules, precautions, and warning signs.

Don’t leave valuables in your car when you are off for a long hike or beach day.

Should you book Kauai tours and activities before arriving?

We recommend booking your tours at least two weeks before arrival. This allows you the best options for times of tours and more flexibility. Spend your time on the island having fun and not planning. Kauai.com concierge service offers a free personal tour and activity planning service.  We will help customize an itinerary based on your specific travel needs. We specialize in family, group, wedding, adventure, romance, and  luxury travel.  Kauai.com is a locally owned family business that prides itself on exemplary customer service. Our activity specialists were born and raised on Kauai and look forward to making your Kauai vacation the most memorable and carefree vacation. Call us at 808 822-2846

Once a month, the island emergency system is tested.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean?

  • Always obey lifeguards, warning flags, and postings.
  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • Never touch, harass, or feed any sea life.
  • Never turn your back to the ocean, as waves may surprise you.
  • Do not dive into waves or body surf if you do not know what you are doing.
  • Drinking and swimming do not mix.
  • Keep an eye on your children.
  • If you are caught in a current, relax and swim with the current parallel to the shore. It will lessen eventually, and then you can head to shore. Swim in an area separate from surfers, kiteboarders, and other ocean craft.
  • Be careful of sharp coral beneath the surface. If you are cut, clean it well to avoid infection. Use common sense. If no one is swimming, there may be a reason.
  • Have fun, drink lots of water, and wear sunscreen!

What is the best time to visit Kauai?

Kauai is a great vacation spot all year round. The moderate weather and water temperatures year-round. During the winter months, you can have a bit more rain, but you can always find sunshine on Kauai.

When can we see Whales?

The Humpback whales start arriving off Kauai’s shores in December and stay through April. Whales can be seen from shore, or book a boat tour to get an up-close look at these magnificent creatures.

Are there dangerous critters on Kauai?

There are no snakes in Hawaii. However, mosquitoes can be annoying, so use repellent when needed. We do have centipedes, but they are rarely seen. In rural areas, you might have a rare chance of spotting a wild boar, but they are skittish and usually will keep a distance. Geckos are the most common creature you will see. They are harmless, said to be lucky, and are a bit chatty.

What is the spoken language in Hawaii?

English is the official language spoken in Hawaii. Hawaii is a melting pot for many cultures, so you will hear Pidgin English, the local language, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and Portuguese. It is always helpful to pronounce the name places and Hawaiian words correctly. An essential guide to language in Hawaii will help you practice.

Is it easy to access my bank accounts on Kauai?

Yes, there are ATMs in almost all shopping centers, hotels, and local full-service banks. Usage fees vary from bank to bank.

What do we wear out to dinner?

Kauai is casual in lifestyle and dress. Dress in a relaxed fashion. For men, a collared shirt or Aloha shirt is acceptable for almost any occasion. Slippers are the accepted footwear for almost any establishment. Some clubs will require closed-toe shoes. Swimsuit cover-ups and shirts are required in any restaurant.

Can I bring home flowers and fruit from Kauai?

Hawaii has strict regulations on agricultural products, including flowers, fruit, and vegetables, meat, and fish. Check with vendors to find out what items are inspected and certified to ship.

What is the tax in Hawaii?

Hawaii has a 4.7120%tax on all purchases and services. There is a transient tax on accommodations which is 10.25 percent.

Is it customary to tip?

Hawaii is a service-based economy, and many workers rely on their tips and gratuity. Tip a bellhop, porter, or cab driver a minimum of 1$ per bag. Housekeepers can be tipped a couple of dollars a day per your stay.  Servers usually receive 15-20 % according to the level of service. Tour drivers, boat crew, and instructors also appreciate a tip according to their service.

Kauai Quick Facts

  • Population: 73,298 (2020)
  • Flower: Mokihana
  • Highest Point: Kawaikini Peak (5,243 feet)
  • Island Color: Purple
  • State Bird: Nene
  • Land Mass: 552 Square Miles
  • Area Code for all of Hawaii is 808
  • Time Zone: Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours)
  • County Seat: Lihue – Mayor Derek Kawakami (2018)
  • Languages: English, Hawaiian
  • Currency: Us Dollar
  • Average Air Temperature: 75-85 degrees F.
  • Ocean Temperatures: 72- 80 degrees year-round
  • Kauai has more miles of beach and more Hiking Trails than any other island in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Kauai has been the backdrop to many Hollywood movies including: Soul Surfer, Pirates of the Caribbean, Six Days Seven Nights, Jurassic Park, South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Honeymoon in Vegas, Tropic  Thunder and many more.