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7 Things To Do on Kauai with Teens

You're traveling to Kauai with a teenager... planning an entertaining agenda can be tough, but not on Kauai. There are so many amazing, teen-friendly adventures to embark on. Here's what I recommend:
Tasting Kauai

A Culinary Romp Through Paradise

On the east side of island is Ein Rogel Farm. A 26-acre sustainable…
Lonos Spoon

A Garden Walk of Historical Artifacts on Kauai

If you have an interest in Hawaiian artifacts, a trip to…
Kauai Christmas

A Kauai Christmas Vacation

So you are on Kauai for Christmas. Maybe you want to get a little…
Kauai Luau

Activities and Things to Do on Kauai

When you think of Kauai, the first things you think of may be…

Adventures on the South Shore of Kauai: Must-Dos

The South Shore of Kauai is a beautiful place to be year-round. This is where sunshine can usually be found, along with a handful of picturesque beaches and plenty of adventures to embark on. I composed a small list of absolute must-dos while on this side of the island... enjoy!
Kauai Iniki

Aloha Kauai Twenty Years After Iniki

Today marks the twenty year anniversary of Hurricane Iniki. Winds…
Kauai Coco Palms

Aloha Oe Coco Palms – mahalo…mahalo very much

Made famous by Elvis and Blue Hawaii, most of us who grew up…
Banana Joes

Banana Joe’s Local Kauai Fruits

A bright yellow Hawaiian hale sits off the highway to your left…
Kauai Snorkeling Beaches

Best Beaches on Kauai for snorkeling with kids

Snorkeling with kids is an exciting activity that will bring…