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Kauai in October

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning and the…
"Spooky Days at Allerton Garden"f un for the kids

Haunted Garden and Monster Shindig

A big Mahalo to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens for…
Commander Sergeant Major Johnny Rabasa and First Sergeant

Kapaa Town Salutes our Veterans

The skies above Kauai Today were filled with grey clouds, a little…
Waimea Hawaiian Church

Waimea Historic Walking Tour

What a treat to learn more about the historic town of Waimea…
Kauai Choclate Company Treats

Kauai Chocolate Company

Just open the door at 4341 Waialo Road, Suite 1B in Ele’ele. …
Banana Joes

Banana Joe’s Local Kauai Fruits

A bright yellow Hawaiian hale sits off the highway to your left…
Kauai Christmas

A Kauai Christmas Vacation

So you are on Kauai for Christmas. Maybe you want to get a little…
Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book

Hawaii Childrens Books – Christmas Gifts with Aloha

Searching for the perfect gift for a young child can be confusing.…
Spam Tree a Kauai Christmas

Holiday Lights, a Kauai Tradition

A great Holiday activity on Kauai is to amaze your family with…
Kauai Message in A Bottle

Christmas Day 2011 Kauai Message in a Bottle

Finding a message in a bottle is one of those things that stirs…