Here we share our stories and local experiences about Kauai restaurants, where to eat on Kauai, local flavors and more.

Tasting Kauai

A Culinary Romp Through Paradise

On the east side of island is Ein Rogel Farm. A 26-acre sustainable…
Banana Joes

Banana Joe’s Local Kauai Fruits

A bright yellow Hawaiian hale sits off the highway to your left…
Hotels and Resorts on Kauai

Cook Your Way To Kauai’s Koloa Landing Resort

Koloa Landing Partners with Emmy-Award-Winning Chef Sam Zien…
Mahiko Lounge Kauai

Dining on Kauai

Dining on Kauai, like so many other things on the Island, is…
Kauai Hawaii recipes Thanksgiving

Hawaiian Style Thanksgiving Yam Casserole Recipe

Want to break free from grandma’s marshmallow yam casserole?…

Kathy’s Kauai Tropical French Toast

Are you having company this holiday season? Here is a favorite…
Kauai Exotic Fruits

Kauai Chock Full of Delicious Food

Kauai’s restaurants offer more delicious food per square…
Farm Table Dining

Kauai Farm to Table Dining

I head north along Kuhio Hwy toward Kilauea and catch the splash…
Hanapepe Salt

Kauai Salt Sweetest in the World

The sweetest salt I have ever tasted is that made on Kauai…

Kauai Style Quinoa Feel Good Food

Quinoa Entrée With Mint Cilantro and Kauai LemonShop Kauai…
Best Kauai Coffee Shops

Kauai’s Best Coffee Shops

What's your favorite Kauai Coffee shop or Cafe? Here are some of our Kauai's local coffee houses. Leave your review in the comments as a vote for your favorite Kauai Coffee House.

Lihue Barbecue Inn a Kauai Favorite

One of the things I love about living on Kauai is the small-town…