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Dining on Kauai

Dining on Kauai, like so many other things on the Island, is definitely something to experience. Known as the Garden Island for it’s lush landscape and unique and exotic flora, it’s not hard to believe that the rich soils of Kauai produce some of the worlds best and most delicious foods. With the influx of tourism on the island that didn’t begin until the 1920’s, there has been a great deal of growth and creativity which infuses centuries old local tradition with modern-day fine dining experiences. The end result? Some of the most exquisite and delectable presentations for your culinary pleasures!

There are over 300 eateries on Kauai – from local breakfast huts and beach side sandwich shops to five star resorts serving gourmet specialties. And who can forget the traditional Hawaiian luau complete with fresh Mai Tai’s, tradition hula, and entertainment? You can find nearly every type of and style of food from all over the world. While there is something to suit every palate and every budget, you will also find is there is commonality among the ingredients and preparation of all food here on the Garden Island – freshness and quality.

The rich volcanic soil on Kauai, the abundant annual rainfall, and the year round sunshine makes for an endless growing season for fresh vegetables and fruits – both of European and American origin as well as for the delicious, exotic varieties native to Kauai and the Hawaiian Isles. And let’s not downplay the freshest Pacific Ocean seafood possible.

One of the most interesting things you’ll find about dining on Kauai – besides the one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experiences overlooking lush gardens, misted rain forests, or tropical island beaches – is the culinary presentation. The locals love food as much as they love their island, and this enthusiasm shows in the creative and artistic presentations of even the simplest of meals.

Whether you are in the mood for a local favorite – Hawaiian plate lunch, delicious burgers with local beef and taro fries or farm to table dining made up of the freshest local produce and locally caught seafood, you are sure to be served not only the freshest, but the prettiest of meals. You’ll find dining on Kauai offers a few surprises in paradise.