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Monkey Pod Jams

Put a Little Kauai under your Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year when weather gets cold, and you start…

Kauai from a Musician’s Perspective

Founding members and main composers of Blade of Grass Michael…
Hokulea Arrives on Kauai

The Voyaging Canoe Hokulea Arrives on Kauai

Clouds hung low over the peaks of Namolokama as the remnants…
Kauai Stories

Kauai Stories Captures Life in Hawaii

Life in Hawaii comes alive in a new feel-good book, “Kauai…
Banana Bread

Kauai Style Banana Bread

I am always amazed at the thoughtfulness of Kauai people. Here’s…

Kauai Music Touches the Heart

Whether I am sitting on a gorgeous white sand beach at home on…

Kauai’s WWII Veterans Honored

Kauai is home to many veterans who have served our country…
Kanuikapono Charter School

Kanuikapono School Celebrates Learning

When Kanuikapono Charter School first opened on Kauai 11 years…

Lihue Barbecue Inn a Kauai Favorite

One of the things I love about living on Kauai is the small-town…
Blind Kauai Paddler

Blind Paddler Illustrates Kauai’s Spirit

Vic Allen, blind since he was jumped by five men outside…
Hanapepe Salt

Kauai Salt Sweetest in the World

The sweetest salt I have ever tasted is that made on Kauai…
Monika Mira

Monika Mira brings the ocean to life for children

Monika Mira loves to open children’s eyes to the world of creatures…