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Imagine a place where worries vanish in the trade winds, warm saltwater laps the shores of golden sand, and rain-forests are home to our earth’s rarest plants and birds. Your adventure begins at the edge of a lost world. Thousands of miles from any significant land mass, the tiny tropical island of Kauai has kept herself charmed, mysterious, and unconquered. You will experience her secrets as you dive into the beauty Kauai has to offer. From the moment you step off the plane, the balmy trade winds will remind you, “You’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Adventure, romance, or pure relaxation? Kauai has it all. Your only worries are how to fit it all in. Kick off your shoes, slip into your casual wear and throw your cares to the wind. It’s all good!

Kauai’s raw interior, rugged Na Pali Coast, and the countless miles of remote white sand beaches are a bit on the wild side. But exploring her untamed allure is where the fun begins. While activities like tow-in surfing 40-foot monster waves do exist, there are other Kauai Activities for the mere mortal traveler that will give you an equal dose of adrenaline.

On the North Shore the roads narrow, life slows down and it’s apparent why Kauai is nicknamed the “Garden Island”. Waterfalls cascade a thousand feet from emerald green mountains to manicured taro fields on the valley floor. These are your first signs that you are now entering the “laid back life on the other side of the bridge.” The beautiful & quaint little surf town of Hanalei is full of water-sport shops, eclectic boutiques, and local flair. You will find plenty to see and explore whether in the village or the water of the magical Hanalei Bay, a year-round hub of water sports.

Book a kayak or a SUP (stand-up paddle board) and make your way through the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. You will be skimming the calm water amongst a myriad of wildlife and hanging trees that frame the banks of the Hanalei River. If this is too tame then just paddle back down the river and test your skills surfing the Bay. Either way, you will surely work up an appetite. So…head back to the village where your choices range from take-out to sit-down dining and enjoy a fruit-infused Mai Tai, while planning the next activity.

Leaving Hanalei in your rear-view mirror the next eight miles of winding road will pique your curiosity and divert your attention. Keep your eyes on the road. This last stretch of roadway will take a while as the pace of life slows down even more the further north you go. That is unless you are in the water!

The horseshoe-shaped, coral-fringed reef of Tunnels Beach, is a popular destination for snorkelers who want to explore the underwater world of sea caves and exotic tropical reef fish. But the outside breaks, beyond the calm of the protected lagoon, should be left to the experienced. This is also a great spot to see the locals as they race the winds across the ocean’s surface with their gravity-defying kite surfing.

Kauai Vacation GuideThe end of the road at Ke’e Beach marks the beginning of the famous Napali Coast, where the true outdoor adventure begins. You can explore the Napali by foot as you traverse a portion of the complete 11-mile (one-way) hike. The valleys of Hanakapiai, Hanakoa, and Kalalau will take you back in time. As you traverse the trail built hundreds of years ago you will experience what some believe to be the closest thing to the Garden of Eden. It is hard to fathom that at one time 20,000 Hawaiians used this trail as their super highway into the valleys of Hanakoa and Kalalau.

Seventeen miles off the coast of Kauai’s West Side lies the Forbidden Island of Niihau, known for its Hawaiian-speaking community and rare shell leis. Explore the waters of Niihua and Lehua aboard the 65-foot power catamaran. Day trips include sightseeing on the Napali Coast, free diving off Niihau where visibility tops 100 feet the relaxing on deck enjoying a glass of wine and a gourmet deli-style lunch. For a closer look at the Forbidden Island of Niihau, privately owned by the Robinson family, book a custom adventure trip aboard their private helicopter to hunt wild boar and feral sheep. The tour includes the outfitting of weapons, a personal guide, as well as refreshments and lunch.

Kauai Atv and Waterfall TourAs you meander along Kauai’s roadways you will only touch the surface of Kauai’s hidden treasures. Eighty percent of Kauai is inaccessible by car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore further by Helicopter, ATV, horseback riding tour, or by foot along miles of hiking trails Kauai has to offer. Kauai is an outdoor paradise waiting to be discovered. Need help planning? Kauai.com offers a free concierge service to help plan. Kauai Activities and Things to Do.

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