Kauai is a beautiful island to visit year-round. Wintertime on Kauai brings a little more rain, but still all the beauty. Here are the top reasons you should visit Kauai this winter:

Warmer Weather

There are few places warmer than Hawaii during the wintertime. Temperatures rarely fall below sixty degrees. If you’re coming from the snow, it will feel like summer! Even though the temperature stays tropical, expect more rain from December through March. Pro-tip: pack a lightweight rain jacket (I’m a fan of the one from Costco) everywhere you go while on Kauai. The rain here is warm and nourishes our island’s flora and fauna. The lush and wild feel on Kauai wouldn’t be possible without our rainy season.

Big and Beautiful Surf

We don’t have snow on Kauai, but during this time, powerful swells strike the North and West facing shores. These waves come from big storms out at sea. Experienced surfers look forward to winter swells on Kauai all year long! Watching the surf from a safe spot can be an amazing experience. If you’re visiting Kauai during this time, I recommend driving to the South Side (typically the sunniest and calmest place during the winter) if you’re looking to go swimming. Be sure to check with a lifeguard before getting in!

Humpback Whales

The humpback whales begin to migrate back to the warm waters of Kauai during winter! These majestic creatures can be admired from ashore, or on a whale-watching boat tour. Peak humpback season is January-February, when they return to Kauai from the icy waters of Alaska to birth their young. My favorite place to whale watch is on the East Side of Kauai, from the Kapaa bike path.  Of course, for the most unforgettable experience, book a boat tour. There’s nothing quite like seeing one of the world’s largest mammals up close.

Other Tips & Things to Know

  • If you have enough room, pack a pair of rain boots along with your rain jacket.
  • Book an ATV tour! The muddier, the better, and with more rain brings more mud.
  • It won’t get that cold, but you might want a light jacket for the evenings/mornings.
  • It’s tangerine and avocado season! Check out a local farmer’s market to find the freshest produce.