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The Okolehao Trail on the North Shore of Kauai is a 2.5 mile trail that will give you a workout as you climb to 1,250 foot elevation. The trek is well worth it and you will be rewarded with captivating views of Hanalei Bay, verdant Hanalei Valley, Makana, Kilauea Lighthouse and the Napali Coast.

As you enter Hanalei cross the iron bridge over Hanalei River and take an immediate left and follow Ohiki Road (the road between the river and the taro patches) to the trail head and parking. Designated parking for the trail is on the left and starts near the end of Ohiki Road at the remains of a dirt road used when Okolehao (a Hawaiian liquor) was being distilled from the roots of ti plants. A sturdy hiking stick and mosquito repellent are recommended to make the trek more enjoyable. The beginning of the trail is steep and the foliage is thick with various Hawaiian Ti, wild orchids, Lauae fern and other native plants.

There are two plateaus along the trail to stop and take in the views. After the the first five minutes you will reach your first rewarding vistas of Kilauea Lighthouse, Hanalei Bay and Makana, also known as Bali Hai. The trail is steep to the top, but the views are worth the work and the bench at the top will be a rewarding rest-stop to take in the surrounding views.


Hiking Tips

Heading into Kauai’s interior and remote terrain offers dome of the most beautiful backdrops on the world. By doing a little planning and being prepared you will make your hiking trip one of your best Kauai experiences.

  • Hiking Plan Always tell someone where you are hiking (name and location of trail) you plan to hike and when you plan on returning.
  • Water  Drink one-half to one full quart of water or sports drink each and every hour you are hiking in the heat. Carry your water bottle in your hand and drink small amounts often. Make sure if you are drinking water from any streams or fresh water sources you purify your water with a purifier is certified to filter microbial leptosporosis or giardia (not all do).
  • Food  Carry high-energy, salty snacks as well as meals. The hike out is much easier when you provide your body with enough calories to support the extreme physical activity you are engaged in.
  • Weather Check the weather before you set off on your hike. Kauai Weather Forecast
  • First Aid It is important to know that cuts in tropical climates should be monitored closely. Don not expose open wounds or cuts to river water.
  • Proper Footwear There are a variety of footwear options to choose from. The best advise is to wear what is comfortable for you. Do not break in new shoes along a hiking trail.
  • Clothing  Dress in layers so you can protect your skin from the tropical sun. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended. A light rain jacket is recommended.

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