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The Nounou West Trail will lead you up the mountain along a mostly shaded and cool trail. The trail leads through a grove of Norfolk and Cook Pines that were planted in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. At about 1/4 mile the trail meets up with the Nounou-Kuamoo Trail. Stay to the left and follow the trail up the mountain on the wide path between the pines. You will be rewarded with amazing sweeping views of the Kauai’s interior and coastal views.

The trail head for the hike is right along Kamalu Road, near a grassy field between mile marker 2 and 3. Walk through the metal gate marked with a forestry right-of-way.

Hiking Tips

Heading into Kauai’s interior and remote terrain offers dome of the most beautiful backdrops on the world. By doing a little planning and being prepared you will make your hiking trip one of your best Kauai experiences.

  • Hiking Plan Always tell someone where you are hiking (name and location of trail) you plan to hike and when you plan on returning.
  • Water  Drink one-half to one full quart of water or sports drink each and every hour you are hiking in the heat. Carry your water bottle in your hand and drink small amounts often. Make sure if you are drinking water from any streams or fresh water sources you purify your water with a purifier is certified to filter microbial leptosporosis or giardia (not all do).
  • Food  Carry high-energy, salty snacks as well as meals. The hike out is much easier when you provide your body with enough calories to support the extreme physical activity you are engaged in.
  • Weather Check the weather before you set off on your hike. Kauai Weather Forecast
  • First Aid It is important to know that cuts in tropical climates should be monitored closely. Don not expose open wounds or cuts to river water.
  • Proper Footwear There are a variety of footwear options to choose from. The best advise is to wear what is comfortable for you. Do not break in new shoes along a hiking trail.
  • Clothing  Dress in layers so you can protect your skin from the tropical sun. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended. A light rain jacket is recommended.