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Kauai Best Beaches

Best Things To Do On Kauai

You could spend a great deal of your life and your savings traveling…

Best Kauai Beaches

What are the Best Beaches on Kauai? Well that depends what you're…

Lydgate Beach Park, Boys and Sticks

If you are the parent of a toddler or preschool boy you are familiar…
Waimea Gulick Rowell House

Gulick Rowell House a Kauai Historic Site

The Gulick-Rowell House sits quietly nestled in Waimea on…
Things TO Do On Kauai

What to Do with 7 Days on Kauai?

What to do on Kauai? If you have to ask yourself this question…
Kilohanan Shopping And Luau

Kilohana Plantation: Shop Dine & Tour Kauai’s Sugar Era

It is hard not to feel as if you have stepped back in time…
Monika Mira Kauai

Meet Kauai’s Children’s Authors

Kauai children’s authors are hitting the road with an island-wide,…
Sea Turtles On Kauai

Viewing Green Sea Turtles on Kauai’s South Shore

If you just cannot wait to see a Green Sea Turtle on your…
Tasting Kauai

A Culinary Romp Through Paradise

On the east side of island is Ein Rogel Farm. A 26-acre sustainable…

Hunger Games “Catching Fire” Finds Kauai

With the recent big screen hits "The Descendents" starring George…