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Hawaii Childrens Books – Christmas Gifts with Aloha

New release by Lindy Shapiro

Searching for the perfect gift for a young child can be confusing. All those bright and shiny plastic toys are attractive and are sure to capture a child’s attention and enthusiasm on Christmas morning. Giving a child a book, however is giving a gift that keeps on giving. A book may be overlooked on Christmas morning, but think about the valuable quality time that books give to parent and child each night when reading a bedtime story together. Then there is the gift of literacy. Books will be returned to again and again and is some cases cherished so much that they are passed down to future generations. Whether it be storybook or non-fiction book and the discovery of new fascinations, books are the clear choice for the perfect gift. Below are some new releases and a few classics by Hawaii authors.

Moon Mangoes by master storyteller, Lindy Shapiro

Moon Mangoes is an instant classic inspired by the inquisitive mind of the innocent child. Capturing the spirit of every child’s imagination and combined yearning for and fear of independence, Moon Mangoes explores the what if back-and-forth exchange between child and parent, and the magical before-bedtime hour when anything is possible and love is constant.

Read a great review of this book on the Hawaii Book Blog.

Knuckles, The Hound of Hanalei by Susan Dierker

Follow Knuckles the Hanalei Hound on his journey from the animal shelter to his new life on the beach in this beautifully illustrated children’s book. Author Susan Dierker has also included a Hawaiian Glossary to help children learn some Hawaiian words that are used in the book.

On Vacation with Tutu by Lynne Wykoff, Illustrate by Tammy Yee

For Kainoa, Nani, and little Mehana, being on vacation with Tutu means no bedtime, no baths, and no cleaning up. Being on vacation with Tutu is going to be the best fun ever–or is it? As Tutu’s mynah bird Akamai says, “Tutu is smarter than you think.”

If in the market for children’s books, don’t forget some of the local favorites like Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring BookGoodnight Hawaiian Moon by Kauai author, Dr. Carolan, or bedtime story Benny the Beetle by Carol Peacock. Open the door to the underwater world with Kauai author, Monika Mira’s, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book.