Kauai East Side Where to Stay

“Where to Stay on Kauai?” The East Side Advantage

Kauai East Side Where to StayAs a life time Kauai resident I am often asked by visitors, “Where is the best place to stay in Kauai?” In the 5 years of taking reservation calls this is the #1 question I get asked. With a passion and love for each side of Kauai, I clearly see “The East Kauai Advantage!”

This incredible area is known as East Kauai,  Coconut Coast or Old Kapaa Town.  Once known as a halfway point with a famous burger joint, East Kauai in recent years has been reborn as a top vacation hotspot in the Hawaiian Islands.  In the past The Royal Coconut Coast was simply bypassed by visitors staying North or South for what would often be their one adventure to the other end of Kauai.  Recent and positive change to East Kauai has visitors and local residents re-discovering The Coconut Coast!  With its location, large white sand beaches, new luxury lodging, the Kauai Path, Old Kapaa Town, world class sunrises and great weather, Kauai’s East Side has now become one of the world’s best vacation destinations.


It is impossible to cut through the middle or to go completely around Kauai.  The garden Isles lush interior and steep Napali Coast  is to thank for Kauai’s rural and country feel.  With our horseshoe like highway visitors staying on the North or South Shores do not have easy access to the opposite side of the island, forcing long drives that often limit the total Kauai experience.  When staying on the Coconut Coast you are half way to everything encouraging more adventures with less drive time!

East Kauai Beaches:

Some of Hawaii’s longest, most beautiful & empty beaches are found here.East Side Kauai Beach  Donkey beach, Kitchens, Lydgate Park, Wailua, Kealia, and Fuji beach are all within biking distance or each other.  Beaches here are great for kite-surfing, beginner and expert surf conditions, safe swimming, snorkeling and parks with playgrounds for kids! Cool trade0winds, long stretches of uncrowded beaches and perfect spots for a romantic picnic on the beach.

Luxury Lodging

Waipouli Beach ResortOnce known for older condos and less desirable accommodations, the Kapaa area was not high on the list for luxury lodging.  At the peak of the real estate boom in 2006 a 200 million dollar luxury resort was born in what many felt was the most unlikely of places.  Knowing the future of Kapaa Town and the new Kauai Path, a local developer spared no expense on one of the last available beachfront lots in Hawaii.

Waipouli Beach Resort was born!  Boasting 190 luxury and privately owned suites, many Waipouli Beach Resort suites were selling in the 1.5 million dollar arena. These 2 bedroom and three bath suites won the coveted parade of homes award for the state of Hawaii in 2007 & is now one of Hawaii’s best kept secrets. Fronting Waipouli Beach with nearly 20 acres of beachfront bliss, this luxury resort is home of the beachfront Oasis Bar & Grill, Spa by the Sea and a stunning resort swimming pool. The heated saltwater pool boasts 2 slides, 3 large sand bottom hot tubs, waterfalls and prime BBQ areas.

Named Hawaii’s #1 Resort in 2008 by Expedia, Waipouli Beach Resort has changed the way people look at lodging on the east side of Kauai!   Stay in these incredible million dollar suites for the cost of a hotel room!  Waipouli Beach Resort accommodates couples or families of 4-6 in absolute luxury, and at prices that are very affordable.  Located on its own secluded beach one forgets that groceries, Historic Kapaa Town, restaurants and the new Kauai Path are all within walking distance!

The Kauai Path

Kauai Bike Path East Side

Over 20 years ago an incredible idea was purposed to enhance the pedestrian experience on Kauai.  An 18 mile beach front easement on the Royal coconut coast was still mostly intact from the sugar and pineapple industry from nearly 100 years prior.  With incredible community support and approved federal funding the Kauai Path is now a reality!  With 5 miles of this 18 mile project complete the Kauai Path will be one of the most beautiful bike and pedestrian paths in America!  This flat and paved path boasts beautiful bridges, incredible scenic picnic areas and multiple beach stop and photo opportunities. Many Kauai residents have made the path a daily ritual for exercise while visitors stroll down it on beach cruisers with smiles like they were kids again.  Hit the path for a sunrise walk and start your day off in one of Old Kapaa Towns hopping with new coffee shops, fruit stands and breakfast eateries. The first finished section of the bike path begins about 2 blocks from the new Waipouli Beach Resort at Lihi Park otherwise known as Fuji Beach. There are a handful of bike rental shops in the area as well.  I love the Kauai Path!!

Great Weather

Some areas on Kauai are wet and some areas are VERY dry.  There are areas that get 15 inches of rain per year while being only 17 miles from the wettest spot on earth (the middle of Kauai) with a yearly average of over 500 inches!  East Kauai is very sunny with perfect tropical breezes that come off of the Pacific.  Heavenly moon-rises and sunrises will capture the heart and soothes the soul.