Kauai Choclate Company Treats

Kauai Chocolate Company

Kauai Choclate Company TreatsJust open the door at 4341 Waialo Road, Suite 1B in Ele’ele.  Stop.  Enjoy the fragrance of chocolate surrounding you, swirling through the air.  At this point a real chocolate lover is hooked!  There is a pure chocolate river running from some magic machine behind the counter—but who can concentrate with all of the choices before you in the display cases?

Mounds of Kauai Chocolate, square chunks of chocolate sitting on top of macadamia nuts, fudge, toffee sitting under milk chocolate, dark, mysterious chocolate mixed with Kahlua all meet your hypnotic gaze.

This magical store is somewhat hidden in a shopping center across the street from the Red Dirt Shirt factory and Outlet store on the way to Port Allen.

These chocolate confection inventors are Don and Marleen Greer, a local family. They have been in business since 2003.  Their ‘Chocolatiers’ at the Kauai Chocolate Company are primarily students from Waimea High School.  Ohhh I think I want to be one of those someday!!

I understand they have ice cream with local fruits and things—and I noticed some cute t-shirts for sale, but it was difficult to concentrate with that chocolate before me, in the air and being created.  Their coffee products are from the Kauai Coffee Company, just down the road.Kauai Chocolate Company

What to choose?  What to take and eat in the car and what to buy for later?  The chocolate Ophihi—not related to the ocean ones except in shape, the layered toffee—peanut butter—thick chocolate one?  “Chunk-O-Love,” or Chocoholic?  There is a box of fudge I probably should send to the mainland? Naw.  Let ‘em come visit.  I’ll get my own fudge.  Three varieties??

Well, I had to choose.  Now it is your turn, if you happen to be a person who delights in the smell and taste of chocolate, see you there!

P.S. Tried the S’more and the peanut butter ones.  Excellent.