Top Five Reasons To Visit Kauai

 Visit Kauai this Summer

If tropical breezes, spectacular scenery, world class dining, and crystal clear water aren’t enough reasons to plan a Kauai vacation this year, here are few more to add to your list.
Top Reasons To Visit Kauai

Rest and Relaxation

The results are in! Beautiful scenery and encounters with nature have been proven to reduce mental fatigue and stress, provide a calming effect on the mind, and improve cognitive function. You deserve it! Months of hard work and daily stress can wreak havoc on your nervous system. Just coming to Kauai and sitting on the beach, going for hike, or strolling through one Kauai’s numerous gardens can restore your state of mind and provide you with many other health benefits. All you need to do is start planning your vacation and you will begin to feel the stress melt away.

163If you visit Kauai during the summer months, you will have no doubt why Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Island. Hawaiian Flame trees and Rainbow Shower Trees litter the ground with bright colored petals. You may have walked down the aisle on a bed of roses, but have you ever driven on a path of petals? You can do this only during the summer months on Kauai. The bougainvillea and flowering trees are so stunning that you will see tourists pulled over on the side of the road to photograph the site. Don’t miss the photo op! (But be sure to drive safe.)

Outdoor Adventures Abound



There is really no place that rivals Kauai when it comes to outdoor adventure. In a single day, you can kayak up a lazy river, hike to a cascading waterfall and zip line across lush valleys and still be back to your hotel in time for dip in the ocean, before catching the sunset. There are so many outdoor adventures available on Kauai that it is impossible to do them all during a single vacation. Water adventures are particularly favorable. Taking a Boat Cruise and snorkeling on the Na Pali Coast is an adventure you are certain to treasure. The best adventures can sometimes be the ones that you create yourself, like taking a hike to the top of the Sleeping Giant. Who knows what you may discover?

Family Timekee-view

You’ve worked hard all year and now it is time to spend some quality time with your family. Kauai is the place! Playing in the ocean with the kids is hard to beat when it comes to family time! Of course, Kauai also boasts some of the biggest and most elaborate hotel pools in the state! Hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding are also popular with the kids, or visit one of the festivals listed below.

Kauai Festivals and Events 


Kauai offers up unique family festivals in the summer that give you numerous opportunities to bond with the kids. Koloa Plantation Days is a week-long festival that takes place in July and offers everything from free hikes, to historical and cultural activities, to cooking demonstrations, parades, water slides, jump houses and live entertainment, and most of the events are FREE. Summer time is also Bon Dance season. If you have never been to a Bon Dance, now is your chance to immerse yourself in a little Japanese Culture on Kauai. Other exciting festivals and events this summer include the 4th of July Concert in the Sky, Hiccup Circus, Kauai Music Festival and the Kauai Sand Festival.

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 3 reviews
 by Albert
Top 5 things

1. Wake up, there is nothing that Beats waking up in Paradise.

2. Spending time at Salt Pond Park, we camped there last year and met some wonderful residents of the island.

3. Hiking, every trail has a different view that knocks your socks off.

4. Snorkeling, the colorful sealife is incredible.

5. The weather, always perfect.

 by diane tilley
Kauai in the Summer

Never there in the summer but I would go to Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens; the Kileaua Lighthouse, The Mini-Golf in Kileaua, Tunnels and to Poipu to see the Hyatt.

 by Rick Shepherd
Top 5 Things to do on Kauai

1. Just Being There!......2. Hiking with Hike Kaua'i with me!.....3. Sailing along the Na Pali coast!..... 4. Helicopter Tours!..... 5. Surfing!

9 replies
  1. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    1. Buying fresh-caught ahi off the back of a truck in Hanamaulu
    2. Kalalau overlook
    3. National Tropical Botanical Gardens – Allerton tour
    4. Luau at Smith’s Tropical Paradise
    5. Secret Beach

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Waimea Canyon, NaPali coast with Captain Andy’s, Hanalei Bay, sunset from outside The Beach House restaurant in Poipu.

  3. Rick Shepherd
    Rick Shepherd says:

    1. Just Being There!……2. Hiking with Hike Kaua’i with me!…..3. Sailing along the Na Pali coast!….. 4. Helicopter Tours!….. 5. Surfing!

  4. Roman
    Roman says:

    #1 Dive with Seasport Divers (night dive and Sheraton Caverns). #2 Poipu beach snorkeling. #3-5 eat at Roys, Koola Pizza and the Crack. The new mall is great too.

  5. Karen Hart
    Karen Hart says:

    My favorite things to do in Kauai:
    Sunset and rainbows from any vantage point in Princeville overlooking Hanalei Bay and Makana, Hubba Bubba in Hanalei, tree tunnel going to Poipu, admiring waterfalls and Cook pines in Princeville, Limahuli Gardens, and a thousand other things..

  6. Cynthia Porcaro
    Cynthia Porcaro says:

    My favorite thing we did was the kayak trip to secret falls, AMAZING! And just as great was. The horseback ride with CJM along the ocean to secret beach

  7. Kawika
    Kawika says:

    1) Snorkel-Amazing snorkeling at Poipu and Ke’e. Plenty of turtles at Anini
    2) In the winter, whale watch!
    3) Hike anywhere
    4) Enjoy the amazing local food.
    5) Share Aloha!

  8. gentry Sprayberry
    gentry Sprayberry says:

    Kayak, zip line, horseback riding, spa treatments, and going to all the beautiful beaches

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