These trees are often planted around parks or alongside roadways where they “shower” the ground with brightly colored petals and waft fragrant scents into the air. The entire tree seems to be an explosion of color. They can be found in white, yellow, pink, and a combination of these colors. Peak blooming season for these trees is July and August. You are most likely to see these trees on the road that leads to the Grand Hyatt in Poipu.

Royal Poinciana Tree:

This tree is also known as the flame tree because the blossoms are so plentiful and vibrant, that the tree appears to be on fire with color. These trees have a beautiful shape and are commonly used for landscaping parks, libraries and schools, and of course resorts across the island. Royal Poinciana trees are native to Madagascar and boast a spectacular floral display that will have you reaching for your camera.


The plumeria is the iconic Hawaiian flower. Plumeria blossoms come in plethora of different colors including hot pink, burgundy, white, yellow, and combination of pink and yellow that appears to be bright orange. Their sweet fragrance is most pungent at night when the trees try to lure their pollinators. Plumeria blossoms are commonly used for making leis. Also known as frangipani, Plumeria is a popular scent for candles, perfumes, lotion, and infusers.


Thousands of varieties of orchids have been used to landscape gardens and resorts across the island of Kauai. Many varieties begin blooming in the spring, but it is possible to see amazing displays of orchids throughout the summer. There are so many shapes and colors that you may be overwhelmed with their beauty. One of the best places to observe an unrivaled display of orchids is in front of Plantation Gardens Restaurant in the Kiahuna Plantation Resort in Poipu. There is no charge to walk through the garden and the enormous sprays of exotic blooms are likely to take your breath away.

It is interesting to note that almost none of these flowers are native to Hawaii. The environment in Hawaii makes propagation easy and the perfect climate allows many types of flowers to bloom year-round. No matter where you visit on Kauai, you are sure to enjoy the abundant blossoms and fragrances of summer.