Kauai In September

September on Kauai

kauai-in-septemberSeptember is one of the best times to visit Kauai.  Why, you might ask. Well, when the kids go back to school, it creates a void in the traffic to Kauai, making it one of the most enjoyable times to visit.  Imagine the warm trade winds, empty beaches, walking into your favorite restaurant without reservations and without having to wait. Imagine not having to worry about getting up early to avoid the traffic and being able to find parking at some of Kauai’s best attractions.  This is what September is like on Kauai.

All summer, the beaches are flooded with families enjoying their summer vacations. In September, the beaches are a bit more still.  You can enjoy a leisurely morning before starting your adventure for the day because you don’t have to fight the crowd.  Suddenly you can find parking everywhere and the restaurants are happy for your business.

Here’s a great way to take advantage of this lull on Kauai when you are touring or dining:  If you notice that there are few customers in the restaurant or on your tour, ask your server or guide if he has time to answer a few questions.  Did you know that much of Kauai’s wait staff is highly educated and quite knowledgeable about the island?  Your tour guides are equally, if not more knowledgeable. Use their knowledge to find out about the best hiking spots, the best snorkeling spots and their favorite plate lunch.  Ask them for tips about surf lessons and other fun activities, and which ones they think would suit you best.  Ask them about the history of their restaurant, or any special events that are happening in September.  You might just learn something that is not listed in the guidebooks.  They might be able to help you plan your whole stay.  Of course, make sure to thank them and make it worth their while, a couple extra bucks in their tip goes a long way.

September is also a great month to visit if you love music, hula, or other Hawaiian cultural events.  The Westin Princeville Hotel hosts a Jazz and Wine festival, Leon Russell will be in concert at the KCC Performing Arts Center and you can find a Slack Key Guitar Concert almost every other day.  Check out our Kauai Event Calendar to learn about other September events like the Roller Derby Battle of the Islands, the Kauai Rice and Spam Jamboree, the Kauai Aloha Festival, and the Kauai Powwow.

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