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Keeping Hula Alive

Kauai hula instructor Leinaala Pavao Jardin began dancing hula when she was three years old, continuing through high school and college, after which she began teaching. Here is an excerpt of her journey from a little girl dancing hula to becoming an instructor from the book,“Kauai Stories.” Note: Hula, the iconic dance of the Hawaiian […]

Passion in Paradise

Cary Valentine wants all couples to have “juicy” relationships, especially while on vacation on Kauai. “Being on vacation is a great time to strengthen your relationship. You’re happy, relaxed and enjoying each other, and while you’re having fun together, you remember why you love this person so much,” he says. “If you’re having challenges in […]

Haku Lei: Wearable Bouquets

Gathering elements for haku lei with Elvrine Chow in her garden is like going on a joyful treasure hunt. She sees lei material everywhere, a petal here, a leaf there, colorful seeds and stems, gathering items that will look beautiful once her experienced hands entwine them together into bold yet delicate looking wearable bouquets. A […]

Monika Mira brings the ocean to life for children

Monika Mira loves to open children’s eyes to the world of creatures that live under the ocean’s surface through her colorfully illustrated children’s books. Her most recent release, Coral Reefs, features beautiful and fascinating photographs of denizens of the deep who thrive in and around coral reefs, such as polka-dotted eels, bright orange clownfish, green […]

Blind Paddler Illustrates Kauai’s Spirit

Vic Allen, blind since he was jumped by five men outside a bar in San Diego, California about 17 years ago, is one of Kauai’s most amazing people. Full of joy and exuberance, 6’ 2” and 220 pounds, muscular and tanned, Allen tries anything he thinks he will enjoy and won’t let anything stop him. […]

Kanuikapono School Celebrates Learning

When Kanuikapono Charter School first opened on Kauai 11 years ago, classrooms where wherever director Ipo Torio-Kauhane could arrange for them, under tents with students sitting on lauhala mats or in the gymnasium a Kapaa church. So it was an especially joyful occasion yesterday when the school’s teachers, 150 students and their parents held a […]

Kauai’s WWII Veterans Honored

Kauai is home to many veterans who have served our country in United States military actions. Most notable are members of the famed 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, comprised almost exclusively of young Japanese Americans born in Hawaii who fought in Europe in World War II, and Kauai-born Japanese American men who served in the Military […]