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The Kolea Return to Kauai Marking an end to Summer

Kolea, as they are known in Hawaii, spend their summers in Alaska foraging, mating, building a nest and waiting for their chicks to hatch. But, as the season begins to change, these small birds (weighing merely a half pound) begin to bulk up on food in order to gain enough weight to sustain them on […]

Google Launches Kauai and Hawaii Street View

Warning! Do not read this post unless you have ample free time and are ready to start planning your next Kauai vacation. Google has has just released the latest Eco-tourism technology that will enhance your Kauai travel planning or just let you visit virtually from wherever you are. While checking out some Google maps of […]

Gulick Rowell House a Kauai Historic Site

The Gulick-Rowell House sits quietly nestled in Waimea on Huakai Road (formally known as Missionary Row) between Waimea Town and the road leading up to Kokee. Construction of the home began in 1829 by Rev. Peter Johnson Gulick, who with his wife left their home in Boston and sailed 148 days before landing on Oahu […]

Best Things To Do On Kauai

You could spend a great deal of your life and your savings traveling the world to find that perfect vacation getaway.  Kauai is synonymous with beauty and this tiny island in the Pacific has been voted by National Geographic as one of the Top 50 Places in the World to Live and Play.  After exploring […]

Something for Everyone at the Kauai Culinary Market

As I approach the Kauai Culinary market, the first thing I notice is the sound of live music. I find myself asking, is this a festival or a farmers market? Well, it is touted as a gourmet farmers market and now I know why. As we enter, I see a man wielding a machete. He […]

Carrot Coconut Lemongrass Bisque

Chef Helen of Hanapepe Café and Bakery has been gracious enough to share her Carrot Coconut Lemongrass Bisque Recipe for this unique and lively soup. Ingredients: 1 ½ cups dark miso paste 1/3 cup fresh ginger crushed or ground 2 Tbsp minced garlic 3-5 stalks crushed lemongrass 12 cups cold water 8 Kafir Lime leaves […]

Keeping Kauai Green and Sustainable

Eco-Tourism is a relatively new concept in the world of tourism, though it’s gaining popularity and for good reason. Eco tourism, or sustainable tourism, is a concept that is began in the 1950’s, but has started to become more popular in the early 1990’s with the upsurging of the planetary green movement. Concentrations on lowering […]

Kauai Farm to Table Dining

I head north along Kuhio Hwy toward Kilauea and catch the splash of a breaching whale out of the corner of my eye. Winter is here. I reflect on how amazing these creatures are and how the ocean is their lifeblood. I don’t pull over to watch, I am on my way to dinner with […]

Kauai Farm to Host Outstanding in the Field – Dinner Without Walls

            Outstanding in the Field celebrates the New Year with first-ever visit to Hawaii~ Four islands ~ Four farms ~ Four dinners ~ In January, Outstanding in the Field, the California-based “restaurant without walls” that has inspired pop-up supper clubs across North America and around the world, makes its first-ever visit to Hawaii to celebrate […]

Perfect Winter Weather on Kauai

How would you feel this time of year if you could say, “Yeah, we had a couple of weeks of blustery rain and wind and the temperatures fell into the low seventies, but the last couple weeks have given us perfect winter weather. The wind has died down, the skies are clear as a bell […]