Kauai Recycle

Keeping Kauai Green and Sustainable

Kauai Taro farmers marketsEco-Tourism is a relatively new concept in the world of tourism, though it’s gaining popularity and for good reason. Eco tourism, or sustainable tourism, is a concept that is began in the 1950’s, but has started to become more popular in the early 1990’s with the upsurging of the planetary green movement. Concentrations on lowering the negative impact of tourism is becoming more and more important as we are starting to see the ramifications on non-renewable, or slowly renewable, resources especially in remote and delicately balanced environments.

Kauai, being one of Hawaii’s smallest islands– only 25 miles wide by 33 miles long – is particularly susceptible to long term and irreversible environmental damage should the over 1 million tourists that visit Kauai’s shores and inland rain forests treat the island carelessly. With a local consistent population base of only about 60,000, it’s easy to see how much responsibility lies on a a relative small number of people to care for such a large influx of human needs and travel desires.

Support Kauai GrownFortunately, the Hawaiian islands and Kauai in particular have a strong community dedicated to Eco-tourism, and the Kauai County Government has formally adopted a Sustainable Tourism Program to better assist the tourism industry in this endeavor. Through this program, businesses are offered encouragement, education, and incentives to find ways to lessen their environmental impact, and offer services and accommodations in an environmentally conscious manner.

Practicing and supporting sustainable tourism is the surest way to ensure that Kauai will be around indefinitely as the unique, geographically stunning and environmentally diverse island that it is today. As a visitor, there are many things you can do that can make a measurable and positive difference to the island of Kauai. Shopping for locally made products, supporting small businesses, supporting our agriculture by shopping at our local farmers markets and treading lightly of our natural landmarks, that have a rich history and cultural importance.

Alekoko Fish PondsAs of January 11, 2011 Kauai  adopted a law that requires all retail establishments to provide recyclable paper bags or reusable bags to their customers. This will reduce the significant impacts of plastic checkout bags on the environment, which include litter and an increasing burden on our islands landfill and threats to marine life. We encourage all locals and visitors to bring their own reusable bags while shopping.



Recycling Locations

Check out our Kauai Recycling Page for locations and maps. Do your part to keep Kauai sustainable.  Kauai Recycling Bin Locations are located in the following locations:

  • Kilauea Behind the Mini Golf 5-2723 Kuhio Hwy
  • Kapaa the end of Kahau Road past the Kapa’a Skate Park: 4900 Kahau Rd
  • Lihue in the back of the K-Mart parking lot 4303 Nawiliwili Rd
  • Poipu in the Brenneke’s Parking Lot: 2100 Hoone Rd
  • Lawai Post Office: 2-3675 Kaumualii Hwy
  • Eleele at the Eleele Shopping Center
  • Waimea at the Waimea Canyon Park: 4643 Waimea Canyon Drive
  • Kekaha at the Kekaha Landfill 6900-D Kaumualii Hwy

We all need to do our part to keep Kauai the Kauai we know and love.
Kauai thanks you for your efforts, which are of hugely collective importance.

Malama ‘Aina (care for the land)