Lydgate Beach Park, Boys and Sticks

Lydgate BeachIf you are the parent of a toddler or preschool boy you are familiar with the joy that a simple stick can bring. You can replace the stick or alter the stick but it seems ironic with all the fancy toys they have they are pretty content when they find their perfect stick. This is because the stick is his defense, his weapon, gun, cannon, sword, poker- digger and best friend.

Now, imagine a place with a long stretch of white sandy beach, crystal clear water and an endless supply of sticks. This place exists and it is located on the East Side of Kauai just south of the Wailua River. The river is the source of a driftwood stick haven, carried down during heavy rain and then deposited onto the sand. The sticks come in all shapes and sizes guaranteeing a satisfied stick aficionado and hours of free entertainment.
With the sheer number of sticks and logs available the shoreline, a weapon might not be the only use your boy will find for his stick. In fact, you might be delighted to see him being quite creative building a fort, a seat, or a pirate ship out of those sticks. If you think this kind of behavior is silly, think again. Early childhood educators and child psychologist agree about the importance of imaginary play. Imaginative play has been shown to foster social and emotional skills, creative problem solving, language skills, cognitive thinking skills, and even helps builds self-esteem. That’s right, you can actually help your child’s overall development by having a fun time playing with sticks on the beaches in Hawaii.

If however you tire from building forts and sword fighting, the nearby Lydgate Ponds offer safe snorkeling for beginners. The playground at Lydgate Park is the largest playground on the island and can offer your family hours of imaginative play. The beach park also offers facilities, a lifeguard, and shade pavilions for the perfect picnic. If you are vacationing with children of any age, make sure that Lydgate Beach Park is on your list of places to visit. Be warned however, you might find that trusty stick tucked away in your boy’s suitcase when you get home.