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Kauai has a diverse amount of lodging and rental accommodations including: studio suites luxury condos, hotel and resorts, bed & breakfast and private fully equipped Kauai vacation rentals. Planning an adventure to Kauai is almost as much fun as the visit itself. Kauai is truly an island of diversity. It is diverse in its climate, its ecosystems, its popular and available activities, and accommodations. Kauai Accommodations range from five star resorts and luxury Vacation Rentals to local bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals there are accommodations for people with all tastes, needs, and pocketbooks. For an island of just over 60,000 permanent residents, Kauai often has over 1 million visitors per year, and there are always vacancies. Kauai loves tourists, and tourists love Kauai.

There are four basic types of accommodations available on Kauai – Hotel Resort,  Vacation Rental Homes,  Condos and Home-stay Bed and Breakfast. However, when deciding on what type of place is best for you, it is also important to consider what side of the island to book your stay on, for this will also have an impact on the type of experience you have.

Kauai is broken into four general areas, by geographical direction: north, east, south, and west. And though Kauai isn’t a very large land mass by any mainland continent standards( it is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian Island archipelago), the fact that there is not a road that passes through the islands remote, steep and largely uninhabited interior makes traveling on Kauai a unique experience as well. There is one main road that connects the different towns along the shorelines, but the famous Na Pali Coast makes it impossible to drive completely around the island, so the roads appear in a horseshoe-like fashion around Kauai’s shores with most of the hotels and resorts found very near to or directly on the coast.

Depending on what type of visit you are planning, whether it is for business, leisure, a romantic getaway, honeymoon, vacation or retreat – you can be sure there are many available accommodations on Kauai to suit your occasion. And regardless of what type of accommodation you choose, or its location on Kauai, with over a million visitors each year, the locals have had a lot of practice playing host, and you can be sure your stay on Kauai will meet – and most likely exceed – your tropical vacation expectations!