• Menehune Fishpond
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    Great photo opportunity at sunset, Scenic Lookout

Menehune Fish Pond is located just above the Nawiliwili Harbor. Alekoko (Menuhune Fish Pond)  got its name from the legend that a small race of people known as Menehune built these ponds 1,000 years ago. The ponds which create a dam across a portion of the Huleia River was used to trap fish to feed the ali’i ( Hawaiian royalty). Large stones were used to create walls 900 feet across and five feet high. Legend says the ponds were completed overnight.

The Alekoko Scenic Overlook is located just off of Hulemalu Road, about 1/2 a mile from the entrance to the Nawiliwili small boat harbor. The area was designated as the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge in 1973 and now is a protected and beautiful home to many endemic water birds. The rocks are now covered in mangroves and moss.

Kayak tours are available on the Huleia River, a fun way to explore this beautiful area. You will kayak past the pond entrance, but the refuge is closed to the public.

The best time of day to visit the Scenic overlook is near sunset when you can catch the sun setting in the gap between Haupu Ridge and Kipu Kai.