The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated and remote archipelago in the world. Kauai is the oldest of the archipelago, and therefore Kauai flora and fauna has the longest amount of time to reach the lushness and diversity Kauai has to offer.

When trade routes and tourism became common place, newly introduced plants, animals and insects became intermingled with Kauai’s unique and ancient life and created an even more unique blend of plants and wildlife. Many endemic plants and birds are found on Kauai which exist nowhere else on earth. Many of our planet’s endangered species have found refuge on and off of Kauai’s shores.

Kauai is home to more tropical bird species than any of the other islands. There are over 80 different species which nest on the island and 21 of them are exclusively native to Kauai. Hawaii’s State bird is the Nene Goose, which is endemic to Hawaii and are found nowhere else on Earth.

With most of the island interior left pristine and unobstructed it is no wonder Kauai’s flora and Fauna thrive here. Kauai has some of the best bird-watching opportunities in the world. The lack of many land predators, which are common pretty much everywhere else on the globe, also allows Kauai Birds to flourish without being threatened. Perhaps it is this lack of predators which attribute to Kauai’s unique population of “wild” domesticated chickens that are found all over the island.

Chickens and birds are not the only things flourishing happily on Kauai, however, there are several endangered species of animals that find refuge on (or just off of) Kauai’s shores. Hawaiian Monk Seals and the Hawaiian Bat are just two of the native species on the list, as well as three of the seven species of Sea Turtles in the world – all of which are endangered, making Kauai’s vast stretch of shore-line wildlife preserve their favorite home. Endangered Humpback Whales also have made the waters around Kauai their favorite swimming haven and playground, and Whale Watching Tours are offered as one of Kauai’s favorite unique tourist activities.

Whether you prefer land, air or sea life you will see the richness of Kauai’s flora and fauna. Kauai is home to one of the largest collections of both endangered and unique tropical species and is a special place to watch wildlife in their natural habitat. A great place to start is by touring some of Kauai’s Botanical Gardens