Nene Goose Kilauea Lighthouse

Hawaii’s State Bird, the Nene Goose is one of the rarest geese in the world. In fact, about 50 years ago, they nearly became extinct. Thanks to conservation efforts the Nene population has grown to approximately 2000 individuals and these birds have been particularly successful on Kauai.  Since Nene Geese are endemic to Hawaii, you will not encounter them anywhere else in the world in their native environment, so take advantage of the opportunity while you are visiting.

The Nene Goose looks similar to the Canadian Goose and according to scientists may in fact be a descendant. It has a long neck with a black head with golden brown cheeks. Nene can be viewed at the in Kokee, the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge and anywhere with large grassy areas like the many golf courses on Kauai. Remember, Nene are protected so it is unlawful to harass them. However,  Nene are likely to protect themselves by chasing after you or your children and they have been known to bite.