Boogie Boarding Kauai

Boogie boarding is a great activity for the whole family. This is a inexpensive sport by comparison to surfing and a lot easier sport to pick up. This fun activity will keep you and your family entertained for hours. Always use common sense and check the conditions with a lifeguard before entering the water. If the surf is too big or none to be found a creative option is surfing the sand dunes of Mahaulepu or Polihale Beach.

What to Wear
It is a good idea to wear a swim shirt when you boogie board this will protect you from the sun as well as keep you from getting a boogie board rash. It is common to get a bit of irritation from sand and your board rubbing against your chest.

Boogie boarding fins are a great addition to the sport. Snorkel fins work as well and will allow you to catch more waves.

Pick a good beach
Boogie Boarding can be very fun and easy, it is best to avoid the steep shore breaks and pick a gentle long wave. Watch out for others and be aware of where other swimmers and boarders are in the water.

Poipu Beach is a great starting point for beginners. Always ask the lifeguard on duty or locals where the safest and most appropriate place to use your boards.


Boogie boarding is a free activity once you have the board. Boogie Board rentals range from $5-$7 a day or else rent one for an entire week at $15-$25.
And when the waves are not up surf the sand dunes…..