• Features

    Restrooms, Picnic Tables,  Scenic  Lookout

Spouting Horn Beach Park is a delightful lookout where you can watch a blowhole spout a plume of sea water into the air. This waterspout occurs whenever waves are forced under the lava shelf and up through an opening in the rocky coast. Depending on the tide and ocean conditions, the water may spout as far as 50 feet into the air. If the light is right, you may be able to catch a rainbow in the sea spray.

While it may seem enticing to explore the rocks near the entrance of the blowhole, it is extremely dangerous and the reason for the guardrail and warning signs. You may also see a rectangular hole in the rocks nearby. This was once a much larger blowhole that was blasted by the manager of the sugar plantation, because the salt spray was damaging a small portion of their sugar crop.