Kauai Weather and Forcast

Kauai Weather is subtropical despite what its latitude at 22 degrees would indicate. Humidity and temperatures are not as extreme as you would find in a true tropical environment. Kauai temperatures range between 85 and 69 degrees. Kauai Coastline temperatures average around 72 degrees in winter months while spring and summer months average around 82 degrees.

Kauai has seven distinct micro-climates ranging from rainforest to the arid plains of the West Side. The center of the island is where you will find Mount Waialeale the beautiful, inaccessible and uninhabited interior of dense foliage that see over 400 inches of rain per year. The summer and spring seasons are ideal for visiting Kauai, however Fall and Winter are less crowded. Higher elevations like Kokee State Park which at 3,600 feet will be about 10 degrees cooler than sea level.

Kauai weather stays consistently moderate throughout the year with balmy trade winds that blow off the ocean with refreshing winds of about 5-15 mph from the northeast. The Pacific trade-winds keep Kauai’s climate pleasant year round.