Award-winning author, Monika Mira brings you a repetitive rhyming story about ocean animals that encourages early reading skills and answers the burning questions that the inquisitive minds of young children tend to ask about the world around us. The rhythmic verse is accompanied by captivating collage illustrations that introduce children to sea creatures like whales, dolphins, sharks and starfish and the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Recommended for Ages 2-5. Available at Talk Story Bookstore and on Amazon.


Imagine an Eco-friendly coloring book that teaches children to identify over 80 species of reef fishes along with their anatomy, biology, coloration, body designs, and feeding habits. An overview of coral reef ecology helps children learn about importance of conservation. This is a great snorkel companion and covers nearly all of the fish that children will see while snorkeling in Hawaii. This book is being also used as a supplementary textbook in classrooms and home schools across the country. Available at www.lucid-hawaii.com and many fine retailers on Kauai including Talk Story Bookstore in Hanapepe and the Plantation Gardens Restaurant in Poipu. Winner of the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products Award 2010, Creative Child Magazine 2010 Book of the Year Award and the Ziggits Best Books Gold Star Award.


Unlike most of the nature books available for the Kindle, The Science and Nature Series is written by a former teacher and an award-winning textbook author who has a background in the biological sciences. Each book is packed with rich vocabulary as well as anatomical, biological and ecological information. These books are a great way to get acquainted with wildlife that your children might encounter while visiting Kauai. Recommended for middle school children ages 9-12. Only available on Amazon.


Did you know that coral reefs make up less than one percent of our oceans, yet they are home to nearly a quarter of all marine species? Explore the many wonders of coral reefs in this beautifully illustrated Kindle eBook. On your journey through the underwater world of CORAL REEFS, you will learn about the different types of reefs, what coral is and how it feeds, where you can find coral reefs, and the amazing sea life that lives there. You will also discover the importance of coral reefs, what threatens coral reefs, how humans are intimately connected to coral reefs, and what you can do to help protect them. This is an important read before heading out into the ocean in Hawaii. The author also includes many tips for reef etiquette and perpetuating an attitude of stewardship.


Did you know that male seahorses give birth? Or that Parrot-fish can make sand? Did you know that some fish are in danger of disappearing from our oceans forever? Discover the fascinating world of marine fishes and learn how you can help protect sea life in Fun Fish Facts for Kids, part of the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.


Did you know that relatives of sea turtles have been around since the age of the dinosaurs? Or that sea turtles were hunted to the brink of extinction before gaining protection under the Endangered Species Act? Explore the fascinating underwater world of Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles and learn where you can safely view them from shore. Kids of all ages will enjoy the beautiful photographs while learning how they can help protect these graceful and beloved animals in this number one best selling title.


Did you know that spider silk is stronger than steel of the same thickness? Or that the venom from a Black Widow is more powerful a that of a Rattle Snake? Did you know that the endangered Kauai Cave Spider is blind and that it can only be found in a few caves on the Island of Kauai? Learn all about the mysterious world of SPIDERS in the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.


Monika Mira is an avid conservationist, outdoor enthusiast and former teacher. Her books have won numerous awards and many of them have become bestsellers. Mira has worked on numerous projects to help conserve Hawaii’s natural resources, from teaching marine science, to conducting biological stream surveys for the Department of Health. Her books reflect her love for nature and her commitment to the environment. Mira holds a BA in Marine science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

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