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At Kauai Gymnastics Academy, we live the USA Gymnastics mantra:  Begin Here…. Go Anywhere…..

We believe that gymnastics is the jumping off point for many sports, activities, and simply living a fit lifestyle. We provide high-quality Gymnastics & Fitness Instruction in a positive, caring environment. We make gymnastics fun!

Our philosophy is to assist each person to reach their potential, with respect to their goals. We strive to be positive role-model leaders, and to bring out the best in each individual within the realms of physical, mental, emotional and social development. Safety, fun and skill-acquisition are the keys we use to achieve these goals and to make Kauai Gymnastics Academy a wonderful environment for children! Our coaches/instructors must meet or exceed these goals.

Kauai Gymnastics Academy strives to share our passion for gymnastics in an appropriate age-specific manner. Every child learns at a different rate and we work on teaching that success is marked in small steps not big leaps.

Our coaches know how to teach different techniques to different learning styles. We encourage our students that it is OK to make a mistake, and with healthy encouragement we help them to try something different to fix the trick. We want kids to have FUN! Kauai Gymnastics Academy provides a fun, safe and warm atmosphere to build gymnastic skills, fitness, self-confidence, discipline, strength, purpose, flexibility, and balance.

Our New Beautiful Gym is located in the Puhi Industrial Park, with a much larger facility including:

  • 42′ x 42′ spring floor system and a 32′ Air4Tumble track!
  • Different sizes/types of beams
  • Tramp Trak with a 10 x 10 bed
  • Two sets of bars
  • Four different sizes of back handspring trainers including the latest back handspring trainer —
  • Boulder TM Handspring Trainer
  • Handstand trainer for bars
  • Pommel horse trainer
  • Mushroom trainer
  • Leg stretching device
  • Misc cheese and other mats
  • Wall of mirrors.
  • Designed for parents to watch and where siblings can play with toys.

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