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Keoni Durant is known throughout the world for his traditional Hawaiian sculpture and award-winning jewelry. His work honors the ways of his Kanaka Maoli ancestors, the original settlers and high chiefs of the Polynesian Archipelago now known as Hawai’i.

Keoni’s handcrafted tikis, fish hook pendants, and natural-edge bowls can be found in the homes of private collectors, on hotel properties and movie sets, and in galleries throughout Hawaii. His work carries the spirit of everlasting Aloha.

In 2011, he founded Kauai Carver with his ku’ipo (sweetheart), Heather Shadur. Originally from Chicago, Heather manages their business and has her own public relations business. You can find Keoni and Heather at the Hanalei Farmers Market on Saturdays, from 9:30-12, and at the Princeville Westin on Wednesdays, from 3-8pm. You can see more of Keoni’s work, and a list of locations where his jewelry is sold, on the Kauai Carver website.

Hawaiian Jewelry

Polynesian fish hooks (makau) are a specialty. Keoni’s handcrafted silver and gold fish hook pendants and earrings, set with AAA-Grade Tahitian black pearls, are carried by high end stores on Kauai and O’ahu, and are also available online at www.kauaicarverstore.com.

Essential tools that enabled Hawaiian fishermen to provide sustenance for their families, the original fish hooks were carved of ivory, wood, or shell. Over time, the hook became a symbol of fortitude – a sign that you can provide for yourself and others. Simply put, it means “you can.”


In Polynesian mythology, tikis (ki’i) represent a deep connection to the spiritual realm. Historically they were placed around sacred temples (heiaus) and homes, to remind Hawaiians of their core values: respect for family, appreciation of nature, and belief in the power of knowledge. Each of Keoni’s tikis is unique, hand-carved from exotic Hawaiian hardwoods.

Price varies based on size, style, features, and wood type. Keoni primarily uses Milo, Koa, Monkeypod and Pheasant wood, and all sculptures are carved from solid logs. The main style tiki he is known for is Ku Kealoha, Protector of The Love, or God.

Natural-Edge Bowls and Custom Carvings

Keoni does custom carvings for people from across the world—from Polynesian storyboards to natural-edge bowls to movie set backdrops. Primarily carved from exotic Hawaiian Hardwoods—including Koa, Milo and Pheasant wood—Keoni’s sculptures carry the spirit of Hawaii. To preserve the original character of the tree, Keoni does not use a lathe on his bowls.

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Kauai Carver Reviews

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Jan 30, 2016 by Linda Kavanagh

I have kept my eye on Keonis jewelery for the last 14 years every time I visited Kauai finally saying I need this now. I purchased the silver fish hook earrings. My girlfriend visiting liked mine so much she took them off me for herself and I had another pair made. My niece loved them and borrowed them and the next year when she came to visit she bought the matching hook pendant. Now the two of us share the set. Then another girlfriend came and bought the big fish hook pendant and then sis came and got a silver wave with Tahitian pearl and the list goes on....everyone wants to own a piece of Keoni's art form! These pieces will be a part of our family for generations just as the spirit is within them.

simply beautiful

Jul 15, 2014 by Cindy from NC

Keoni's pendants are simply beautiful, graceful and reflect both the artisan he is as well as the spiritual and cultural heritage he represents. This pendant is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is the polynesian spirit with you at all times.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Dec 05, 2012 by Ronnie W

I received a "Spirit of the Wave" gold pendant last year for my birthday. What a wonderful gift ... I wear it all the time. Keoni puts his heart into his work and it is true art.

5.0 5.0 3 3 I have kept my eye on Keonis jewelery for the last 14 years every time I visited Kauai finally saying I need this now. I purchased the silver fish hook earrings. My girlfriend vis Kauai Carver

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