Painting with Water in Poipu

Kauai Watercolor ClassesPainting with watercolors can be a challenge for some, but instructor, Kathy Kovala has the gift of letting the water do the painting for her. She also has the gift of being able to share this technique with her students in her watercolor classes. Kathy has been coming to Kauai to teach watercolor classes each spring for the last 16 years. While she is most loved for her exotic orchid painting classes, she offers a wide variety of lessons to local students and visitors alike.

Hula WatercolorThis year, Kathy will kick off painting season on Thursday, February 2nd, with a series of classes to be held at the historic Plantation Gardens Restaurant in Poipu. These classes will run through March 29, 2012. You will want to take advantage of this unique opportunity because Plantation Gardens is a special place to paint. The historic plantation manor was once owned by the last manager of Koloa Plantation. The manger’s wife planted an amazing and award-winning cactus and succulent garden on the grounds. Since then, over 2000 orchids have been planted among the lily ponds. These gardens are not only a pleasure to view but also a pleasure to paint.

Kathy will also be conducting a special 3-day seminar focusing on waterfalls and lighthouses at the Jean Camp residence over President’s weekend. If you have never painted with Kathy, this is your opportunity to really learn how to paint. Kathy shows her students how to paint with demonstrations and individual help and her students say she has a knack for making classes relaxed and enjoyable.

For more information, or to register for the classes, you may contact Kathy at
715-360-9929 or E-MAIL

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