Henna tattoo art makes for a lasting impression of the Old Kapa’a Town Art Walk! Stop by the henna artist’s booth on your walk for a fun and temporary henna design.

On the first Saturday of each month, Old Kapa’a Town comes to life from 5 PM to 9 PM. Local artists, musicians, and food trucks line the streets for almost four blocks. The Old Kapa’a Town Art Walk is a must-do for visitors and residents alike!

Parking & Where to Start

First off, finding parking can be a challenge. Prepare to do some walking, so wear comfortable shoes. Dress like you’re going to a casual restaurant, and don’t forget a light jacket if you’re going anytime between December and April. For the ultimate art walk experience, I recommend parking at the north entrance of the town and starting your stroll from there.

Eat Some “Ono” Food

There are a handful of excellent restaurants right in town, so plan on eating out for dinner. The wait times are usually longer on art walk nights, so eat a light snack beforehand if you’re a hungry person (like myself). The little taco truck (tucked between two larger Mexican restaurants) on the north end of town is one of my favorites. Or if you’re in the mood for a classic American meal, you can never go wrong with a Bubba Burger, right at the north entrance of the main street.

Listen to Local Musicians & More

Calling all music lovers! Kapa’a Art Walk hosts a variety of gifted Kauai musicians. From Hawaiian slack-key guitar players to classical violinists, anyone can enjoy the local talent. Here’s something to note: the art walk bands and artists typically don’t play in the same location every art walk, so you’ll have to follow your ears to find them along the main street.

If you’re in the mood for dancing, the little Mexican restaurant at the north entrance of town plays traditional salsa music and even hosts the occasional salsa dancing lesson. Dance your burrito off on their dance floor (~for FREE~) in the warm Hawaiian weather.

Be sure to peruse the wide assortment of local artwork as you make your way down the street. You may end up taking home a beautiful Kauai painting or photograph!