Kauai from a Musician’s Perspective

Founding members and main composers of Blade of Grass Michael Hurst and Joshua
James have both made many trips to Kauai. It is in places like Kauai that many Blade
of Grass songs have been written – with guitars and tape recorders.

Kauai – Mother Earth’s “Womb”

Kauai is like mother earth’s “womb,” meaning it infuses you with life and
strengthens you whereas almost everywhere else in the world saps you of your
energy and life force on a daily basis. Every day spent in Kauai is a great day and
will make you feel stronger and healthier.

Trips to Kauai should be filled with:
• tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, – of course most of it will be locally grown
on the island
• snorkeling and playing in the beaches as much as possible
• lots of outdoor hiking and activities

A few of our favorite places:

Lumahai Beach – North Shore Kauai
There are many special beaches on the North Shore of Kauai and this one is not a
secret at all, so we will write about it here (although if you go there, most likely you
will be sharing it with only a handful of people). Lumahai is just a perfect little beach
for relaxing and doing some light swimming, but beware because there is definitely
a current here. There are some lava rocks you can walk on out in the water (again,
be careful and use the buddy system!) and the jungle foliage creeps all the way
down to the beach giving you the sensation of being totally cut off from the world.

Hanalei Farmer’s Market – Hanalei
Some of the best food on earth is available at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market. It is
where you will see some freakishly big mangoes and avocados, and a ton of other
great snacks. We like to eat the goat cheese from here and there is just an amazing
array of edibles and also “arts and crafts” type items. The Hanalei Farmer’s market
happens only on Saturday mornings and you will want to have some cash so you
don’t need to walk to the ATM. The prices will be higher than the farmer’s market
you are used to at home, but the prices are fair for delicious locally grown produce.

The Blue Room – North Shore Kauai
If you can find the blue room, you’ve found somewhere pretty special. You hike
up and over a hill away from the beach to get to the Blue Room (it is near the end
of the road on Kauai’s North Shore, but you’ll need some help finding it as it is not
marked). There is a cave with very dark water that is actually fresh water (not salt
water). It is a great and very romantic location.

Polihale State Beach
This has long been a favorite of ours but it is definitely a bit more “off the beaten
path.” All the way on the other side of the island (from the above attractions) is a
magical ancient beach known as Polihale. Polihale is very isolated and can actually
be a little sketchy to drive to (due to sandy road sections), but it is worth the

Polihale is just a huge and endless beach and you can definitely have your own
private section of beach (it actually might even be hard to find people there). There
are a lot less amenities around here (bathrooms, stores, etc) so bring everything
you need for your stay in Polihale. We have camped at Polihale numerous times
and never had any negative experiences or hassles. Polihale is Kauai’s westernmost
point and also called Barking Sands Beach. A great place to truly find yourself “off
the grid” and (in our case) strum guitars and write music.

Michael Hurst and Josh James both sing, play guitar, and write songs for Blade of Grass,
hear the music atwww.BladeofGrassMusic.com or find them on Facebook at

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