Kauai Event Calendar and Things To Do

Kauai.com has recently re-launched our new and exciting Kauai Event Calendar. What is there to do on Kauai? What’s Happening on Kauai? Well now there is one place you can find it all. Find your event, post a new event, share it, Facebook it, Tweet it, Google+, email it to a friend or even post it to your iCalendar. You can also add a RSS feed of exactly what events you are interested in. Now you can know exactly what is happening on Kauai.

Post your event fliers, add a venue, get directions, add an image or even a video. The Kauai.com Event Calendar will allow you to sort by date, side of the island and what type of events you are interested in. Do you have an upcoming Kauai Event that you want to share? You can post or find an event in the following categories:

If you live on Kauai or are just visiting the Garden Island you will find this a great resource for finding things to do on Kauai. Now all we have to do is let people know about our calendar.  Do you have an upcoming Kauai Event? Please Share!  Any questions please feel free to contact us.


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