“Get Dirty Kauai” on Kauai Mud Bug Tours

It was the perfect weather for a muddy adventure. Warm Kauai rain showers made the course of our Mud Bug Koloa Tour truly an awesome experience. Embrace the rain, folks! The “Mud Bug” is an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) built to splash through the biggest puddles and whip around tight, bumpy turns. Two words: Get. Dirty.

The adventure takes place on the South Shore of Kauai, on the back-roads of a historic sugar cane plantation. First, you check-in at Kauai ATV’s little headquarters in Koloa, and then drive yourself a little further down the road to the “Staging Area”. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the tire minions…

All riders on this tour must be at least five-years-old, and prepared to get very muddy. I’m talking head-to-toe dirty! The tour provides cotton t-shirts and basketball shorts to borrow in place of your own clothes. These are not the clothes to wear if you’re looking to take cute pictures. I opted to stay in my own old shirt and yoga pants, which I didn’t mind getting dirty. You’ll also be sporting helmets, goggles, and a bandanna. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits- wear them under your clothes for an easy change. Slip on old shoes, river walkers, or something else that covers your feet. No slippers allowed (flip-flops)!

We were a fairly large group. There were several couples, and a few families as well. Our tour guides handled our group diversity wonderfully. They were engaging, complete with an arsenal of jokes, and had a vast knowledge of Kauai history. They took many pictures along the way (available for purchase after the tour), but were always happy to snap one of you on your own camera or phone.

Among the many stops we made in our “Mud Bugs” included driving through a half mile long tunnel, exploring a WW2 bunker, and swimming under a serene waterfall. And, of course, we had to stop at the viewpoint overlooking the exact spot Jurassic Park was filmed. Fortunately, there were only cattle and no velociraptors around. Expect many group photos, and multiple opportunities to switch drivers. They make it really easy, so everyone gets a turn behind the wheel. The most exhilarating part of this tour is the freedom to speed through the tropical terrain and kick up some mud.



Snacks and beverages were divvied up at the waterfall, and everyone enjoyed a 45-minute break. Eat breakfast/lunch before you come! There are many yummy places in the area to grab a bite before (or after) the tour. Kukui’ula Village Shopping Center in Poipu has all sorts of options.

At the end of the 4-hour long tour, we were covered in Kauai’s classic red dirt and happy as can be. There are outdoor showers to rinse off back at the “Staging Area” where the tour concludes. There’s nothing like spending the day exploring Kauai’s hidden gems. The Mud Bug Koloa Tour showed us a whole new side of getting dirty- and we loved it!

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