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ST- Catherine Kauai

St. Catherine School centrally located on the island of Kauai is committed to providing a Catholic education for grades Pre-k through-8th grade. We strive to prepare each to be a responsible member of the community. Inspired by our founders, we strive to live the mission of Jesus, expressing the core values of education, justice, charity and freedom.

School Programs


The sports program is designed to encourage students to develop good sportsmanship and school spirit. St. Catherine School students participate with other private school students in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track.

Student Council

The Student Council provides an opportunity for students in grades 5th – 8th to develop leadership skills and work cooperatively as Student Council Officers.

Alter Services

Students from grades 3 to 8 are encouraged to participate in the training that will prepare them to serve at Mass.


A student yearbook staff, working with a faculty advisory, prepares materials for publication. All students are encouraged to make contributions to the yearbook.

Enrichment Programs

After school enrichment activities include Choir, Spanish Club, Service Club, Cub Scouts and Lego Robotics.

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