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Explore the underwater world of this tropical paradise. Snorkeling on Kauai is an easy water sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. Kauai’s underwater world will surely enchant you with the expanse of blue-water, tropical fish, sea turtles, the Hawaiian Monk Seal and living coral reefs.

Kauai is the perfect place to try out snorkeling from the shore. Check out some of the top Kauai Beaches for snorkeling or one of Kauai guided boat or shore snorkeling tours.

Snorkeling Tips:

  • Quality and properly fitting equipment will improve your snorkeling experience.
  • Clean your new mask. The inside glass of all new masks should be cleaned.
  • Defog your mask. Saliva works well, it is not very hygienic and usually washes out very quickly. Two or three drops of anti-fog made specifically for diving masks will usually work best and may last all day.
  • Wear your mask strap high on the back of your head.
  • Attach your snorkel on the left side of your mask. Snorkels with drain valves are designed to work best if worn on the left.
  • Clearing a snorkel is easy. Blow forcefully into the snorkel, take a shallow breath, and blow again to remove any remaining water. A self drain snorkel will make it even easier.
  • Avoid walking with fins on. If you must walk, shuffle your feet sideways or backwards only.
  • Snorkel with a buddy.
  • Use a snorkel vest if you are not a good swimmer or if swimming far off shore.
  • Avoid getting burned. Wear a Lycra dive skin or a tee shirt with a good waterproof sun block. A bad sun burn could ruin a great trip. 

    Respect the reef. Avoid touching and bumping into coral. A healthy reef is a pretty reef. Learn all you can about coral reefs—they are fascinating and fragile environments, and follow Reef Etiquette.