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Kauai has one of the hottest real estate markets on the planet, and for good reason. Property on Kauai is of limited availability – the island is just over 550 sq. miles total, much of which is uninhabitable due to the rugged interior cliffs, steep hillsides, and widespread nature reserves which house many of the world’s most endangered species.

The more practical, build-friendly land is also of the utmost extreme beauty. This obvious and agreed upon fact coupled with year-round idyllic weather conditions, and including the rolling river valleys and beach-front spreads, make land on Kauai some of the most sought after property in the entire world.

Like the old adage goes, you get what you pay for and considering what you get on Kauai, it’s not hard to see that you’re getting a priceless deal. After all, how does one put a value on paradise?