Dr. Gamby offers Hold Me Tight® Intensive Workshops on Kaua’i. Aiming to bring the most effective couples interventions to one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Participants will join Dr. Gamby for two days of relationship enhancement skills. EFT workshops are transformative and quickly move couples into deeper connection. The lush outdoor setting enhances the experience, allowing the retreat to stimulate all of the senses, enhancing the work that you do with your partner.

The skills are taught in a group but participants then break away with their partner and work on their own issues and skill building in a private spot on the retreat grounds. Couples work on unlocking negative patterns and rediscovering the qualities that initially drew them together.

Join us for our two-day intensive workshop. The workshop is held outdoors at a private residence in the beautiful mountains of Kauai. Participants will arrange their own hotel and transportation. The workshop is from 1-9pm with an hour break for a picnic dinner.

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